There once was a site built upon hard work and naive ideas. I rebuilt it many times, always ending up with what was really just a highly integrated CMS and site-design. Then I tried Drupal WolfCMS... screw it, let's go static. Hugo seems nice. ;-)

Email: josh
GPG: 9B848C82E154D3E5231DB353D465B33F6BA78ABA


April 13, 2021 21:27
Hosting provider's node died... again. Tried rebuilding site using current version of Hugo and ended up with nothing, oops. I think I fixed it all now... hope they stay a bit more stable over the next few years till I decide to post something again ;-)
February 12, 2019 21:04
Finally got emoji replacement working, and cleaned up a few more loose ends. Still not a great website, but I'm pretty happy considering the loss of G+. 😞
August 29, 2018 15:53
👓? 😎! Day one, so far it's like magic 👍