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Nifty "new-to-me" CMS: MODX

Occasionally while browsing the web I come across a website that strikes me as particularly well designed/written. Too often it’s based on Drupal, Wordpress or some other gargantuan CMS/blog system. After being fairly displeased by Drupal I switched to this site’s current backing: WolfCMS. With only a few minor bumps WolfCMS finally hit my needs for simplicity and manages to be fairly useful. That said, I’m not a huge fan of some of the design decisions underpinning how admin logins are handled: Specifically that I so infrequently log in that I forget which username and password I originally configured. This would be fine normally, except that it has a lock-out feature if I fail too many times… which is great, except that there’s no indication that you are locked out… and looks exactly the same as when the system is unable to create temp files (see previous blog post about that…).

Sooo… while I was on Notepad++’s website today (my IT department’s antivirus suddenly decided that NPP 6.6.9 is a known virus… whatever.) I noted that Don Ho has a page that lists all of the components used in Notepad++, including the CMS used to power the website. (I also learned of a really nice XML library too, TinyXML2)

Enter, MODX. Seems to be highly dynamic, while itself being fairly simple and straightforward. Hopefully I have time tonight or this weekend to give a whirl: It looks like it should be 10x what WolfCMS is, while maintaining the simplicity.

(Yes, this is mostly just a note-to-self… but then so are most of my posts ;-)

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