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August 18, 2017 11:16
Daily driving an insane drift car in Derry, NH? Keep your eyes out :-)
July 29, 2017 15:24
There, now with proper seat back :-)
July 29, 2017 14:49
Good thing Honda used way over sized bits here: drilled/tapped the absolutely destroyed M8 threads up to M10 and it looks stock :-p
July 22, 2017 18:59
Heh, and another one ;-) if it works out well, I should be able to sell the other Suzuki by next spring for break-even or even small profit
July 15, 2017 18:20
New regulator and new fuse block :-) no more melting fuse-sockets or drained batteries!
July 2, 2017 20:30
Very much enjoyed the 6hr race at Watkins Glen International :-)
July 2, 2017 20:27
Woah.. Neat o.O. Forgot about this in the freezer for months, and instead of sphere I've got... this?
June 30, 2017 09:51
Mick just found this in Rochester :-D
June 25, 2017 21:22
Tucked out of the weather for now, license plate tomorrow! :-)